The Bug-Aside Information

Bug - Aside KeyNote


We are calling this project “TheBug-Aside” for the moment.  This concept is currently patent pending

The inception of this product (or line of products) came after from decades of cleaning and putting up with re-occurring, monotonous and cumbersome tasks (We have a feeling that most innovation comes from a similar space).  We also recognize the floor cleaning space lacks a high level of innovation and could use some attention from us.

The Problem:  

Homes and commercial spaces alike contain hard to reach spaces.  Specifically under beds, storage racks and other heavy furniture. Due to the nature of these spaces they often are neglected and tend to harbor dirt, pet hair, spiders and possibly other contaminants.  These can lead to allergies, infestations and potential health and safety issues if left untreated.

The Solution: 

TheBug-Aside is a multi-tool.  In its most basic form it consists of a wand or handle which contains one or more reservoirs that can dispense a mist or spray from the base in an upward manner.    This wand also contains a “quick connect” mechanism that can receive a variety of downward cleaning heads (think: wet mop, Swiffer, push-broom, vacuum or even a rake).

Imagine a cleaning closet with a variety of cleaning heads and only one handle that can be used on all of the heads!  When you want to clean your kitchen you can snap the handle into the Swiffer head (or head of your choice) and begin cleaning.  When you encounter a hard to reach area that is known to harbor spiders, you can dispense an upward spray from the base of the wand and make contact with that area.  This spray can be a safe essential oil that deters spiders and insects that is safe for in home use or the spray could be a more aggressive solution that could be used in more commercial/industrial spaces.

Now imagine you want to spray above a tall piece of furniture that you cannot reach.  Simply detach the wand from the head and use it as a spray wand.   The key feature is that the spray is oriented in a manner that allow s the user to reach places that have been difficult to reach in the past.  Once the area has been addressed the user can then re-clip into the cleaning head and continue cleaning.

Our IP is quite comprehensive and will allow its owner or licensee to modify and customize the concept to fit their agenda whether it be in the disposable arena, durable product space, in consumer/residential space or professional/commercial space.

There are dozens of essential oil scents that are not only pleasing for the home, but will deter a wide variety of insects and spiders. These essential oils can be marketed in six-packs with a variety of scents and for a wide variety of bugs.  The upward, quick-connecting wand can also be designed for more than one fluid, so upward and downward spraying can be possible on the same device.

Single utility downward spraying wet mops are prevalent in the marketplace, but no one has a “multi-tasking device” that cleans the floor with a mist, cleans upward and radially under objects (as does our TheBrushUp IP) AND discourages or eliminates the reoccurring webs and spiders at the same time and with the same tool.

We envision:

– Turning the broom and utility closest into works of art, much like does Apple and Dyson are doing with their product lines.

– Increasing efficiency in cleaning in residential and commercial spaces. This saves time and money!

– Reducing workman’s comp claims in the Jan/San industry as employees will not have to contort their bodies to clean certain spaces.

– Most importantly we envision a more clean and more efficient world!