The BrushUp

Patent Pending

There are 115 million households in the US and studies show that the average household has two vacuum machines. That is 230 million units without counting the hospitality and business sectors! 25 million vacuum cleaners are manufactured each year in the USA.

The BrushUp is line of cleaning accessories that can be adapted to nearly every vacuum cleaner or vacuum brush on the market, including robotic machines, and is adaptable to push brooms and other cleaning devices. It can be licensed to all manufacturers of vacuum cleaners worldwide to sell as an attachment or integrated into many of the current brushes (carpet or hard surface). The BrushUp line is unique in that it adds functionality to the task of cleaning with absolutely zero additional effort.

The Brush Up, when attached to the front of your vacuum, will remove cobwebs, pet hair and dust bunnies that collect under furniture and cabinet toe-kicks as well as around unusually shaped objects. The aftermarketBrushUp can also be lifted off its attachment channel and be used, by hand, to eliminate dust and webs on walls and furniture, unlike cleaning tools such as feather dusters.

The aftermarket BrushUp is always with you as you do your vacuuming jobs and works continuously in its standard stored position on the front of your vacuum, in its attached brackets. The OEM version is a channel that can be formed into a wide variety of existing canister brushes or uprights, and allow the user to reorder the accessory in desired bristle lengths.

The BrushUp is made up soft bristles that are one row wide, from 2” to 4 ” tall and project upright and radiate out to the sides, opposite the function of other vacuum brushes and brooms. The bristles are fine, gentle and made of very pliable nylon or polypropylene. The soft bristles are suitable for use on delicate items as plants, lampshades or anywhere cobwebs are present. The BrushUp works to clean under beds, on chair rungs and table trestles where other vacuum implements do not reach. The after market BrushUp is adaptable to push brooms as well.

The BrushUp line is a natural for use in cleaning industries from hospitals and janitorial use, care facilities to residential income property, RV’s and commercial and light industrial environments. It can be sold in any retail, home accessory, hardware, janitorial supply, vacuum cleaner stores, big-box stores or flea markets, anywhere in the world. The market is endless and The BrushUp can become an item of standard equipment in the cleaning industry.

Please call for licensing opportunities. Suppliers of all parts have been contacted and bids have been received on individual parts as of this time. No packaging has yet been designed. This product is patent pending, trademarked and URL’s have been reserved.